Active Release Techniques – Treatment Overview

Active Release Techniques – Treatment Overview

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We are aware today that “overuse” type of injuries are the most common form of injury among beginner or experienced athletes. These types of injuries occur from repetitive damage to a muscle group over a period of time. We know them as primarily, muscle strains, soreness, tennis elbow and types of runner’s knee. Many recent studies have shown that if these injuries are left untreated, they could lead to altered performance initially and very serious injuries over a period of time if not treated correctly.

I am often asked by patients, “How do these injuries occur?” There are a range of specific reasons, along with increased damage over time. In our office, we see most cause resulting from improper techniques in exercise, training consistency and improper body mechanics. This type of tension can decrease the amount of blood supply and cause scar tissue to form. The adhesions form between muscles and may cause limitations in mobility.

Active Release Techniques (ART) is now becoming the most efficient treatment option for athletes and active individuals who acquire repetitive stress injuries. It allows easy and effective treatment of scar tissue that forms over muscles that are not used in activities and exercise. ART uses movement to create tension and break down the tissues easily and effectively. This technique treats specific muscles, and often times utilizes more than one movement pattern to effectively treat the injury.

ART helps to effectively remodel muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves in order to facilitate the body’s healing process, and allow the athlete to return to their sport sooner than with traditional treatments.

At OC Ultimate Wellness, Active Release Techniques are performed by certified specialists on our staff. If you think you or a friend may benefit from ART, call us at 714-891-7870 to schedule an appointment.