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Optimal wellness and optimal living require a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, adequate rest, a positive outlook, a healthy mindset, and good nutrition. Good nutrition from a good diet and good eating habits are generally accepted as one of the major components of excellent health and wellness, yet many of us are not certain or do not take action on making sure that our bodies have the essential nutrients necessary for everyday bodily functioning and growth.

Part of the problem rests in our existing food chain that is infiltrated with pollution and pesticides and dominated by processed foods that are high in sodium, fats and sugar, which when taken in large quantities, have deleterious effects on our bodies. Many of the foods that we eat on a regular basis are low in nutritional value, in large part, because of over-processing and poor storage. To make up for the lowered nutritional value of our processed foods, we rely on supplemental vitamins and minerals, which recent research studies show are not as potent as we believe them to be. Even these supplemental vitamins and minerals make changes in our bodies that, over time, deplete our bodies and result in side effects and other health problems. For example, the FDA requires that the vitamin C found on store shelves contains ascorbic acid. While ascorbic acid is a component of vitamin C, it only represents one of the many known components in the natural vitamin C complex found in organically grown fruits and vegetables. The higher concentration of ascorbic acid has the unwanted effect of creating an imbalance that Mother Nature never intended, resulting in higher concentrations of one mineral and deficiencies of another.

Orange County Ultimate Wellness offers nutritional evaluations to determine if corrective action needs to be taken to avoid unnecessary health problems. We provide nutritional consultation and effective programs along with continuous nutritional monitoring to improve our clients’ well-being.

Contact us for an appointment to find out if your body is receiving proper nutrition and to receive current information on how you can be sure that your body is receiving the best nutrition available today. You can call at (714) 891-7870 to schedule your first appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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