A few tips to help you manage Chronic Pain

A few tips to help you manage Chronic Pain

“Healthy Habits” are an easy and effective way to help you manage chronic pain. I have identified many different ways and habits that can help you manage chronic pain. The following five have worked with our patients and provided them relief. Although some may seem obvious, they are often overlooked.

Improve your lifestyle – The easiest way to do this is to replace bad habits with good habits. Instead of a cigarette after a meal, go for a 10 minute walk. Instead of a glass of wine, add some after dinner stretches to your routine. Yoga and meditation are shown to help with chronic joint pain. Replace your existing habits with healthier choices!

Reduce Stress – Everyone is stressed out these days and our health is suffering as a result. Stress is known to intensify pain but, there are many ways to reduce it.  Most stress is a part of our thought process, so you have to change your mind to change your level of stress. If you can change the way you see a situation, your priorities will change and your stress can be reduced.

Distract yourself – Find a great book, a book club, or a hobby – like gardening, painting or walking. A hobby is a great way that you can take your focus off pain and is an effective pain management coping skill. It is well known that patients that have hobbies take fewer pain medications.

Find an activity you love – Create a bucket list; follow your passion in your life. When you engage in activities that you have always wanted to do, your pain will be easier to manage.

Phone a friend – Stay connected with people will help you be strong and enjoy life. There are many support groups and clubs that can help you get started as no one understands your pain better than a person who is also in it.

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