Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy, a Great Combination

Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy, a Great Combination

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If you have been into our office, then you aware that we promote hands on, unconventional and drug free pain relief as often as we can. When paired with our chiropractic treatments, massage therapy can help the recovery process and improve any discomfort you may be experiencing. Our deep tissue and sports specific massage helps you relax while producing endorphins that act naturally to relieve pain and discomfort.

An increase in circulation allows your blood to deliver nutrients to the areas of your body that need it most. When there is a slowing of your circulation, your body has to work harder to heal tissue and operate efficiently. When massage therapy and techniques are added to your treatment, it will immediately improve blood flow throughout all areas that are congested, relieving lactic acid and nerve pressure at the same time.

An additional immediate benefit of massage therapy is that it will improve your flexibility and muscle mobility. When you reduce knots and tension in the muscles, it allows your muscles, soft tissue and ligaments to move and flex in your body. This will significantly enhance your range of motion and reduce the chance of scar tissue which could become a limiting factor in your everyday activities.

When chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy a complete improvement is made, not only with the isolated area causing pain, but to the entire body. After an injury is sustained, your body relies on all parts to function together properly. From your soft tissues to your spinal cord, the body relies on every part to function properly together. When we treat a larger portion of your body, your overall healing and recovery time is improved.

After we complete successful adjustments, massage therapy works to relax muscles and release tension. When your muscles are calmed, the chiropractic adjustments are more likely to succeed and also easier to complete. When your muscles are tense it can cause poor alignment and can cause it not to remain properly adjusted.

At OC Ultimate Wellness, Dr. Randy Ramirez offers a number of combination services for pain relief and natural pain management, including both chiropractic alignments and massage therapy. You can schedule an appointment online at or call us at 714-891-7870.