Why Are Headaches a Pain In The Neck?

Why Are Headaches a Pain In The Neck?


In our society today, people are under a lot of stress. This causes many of us to feel pain and tightness in our neck muscles. Headaches often accompany these feelings and are a precursor to these types of pain. Our patients most often blame this discomfort on work, or working on a computer all day. We are also often asked, “Why do I get these and the person who works next to me doesn’t?”

Our simple answer is that the muscles that are around the sides of your neck, chest and back of your skull will tighten and cause tension headaches, also referred to as “Upper Crossed Syndrome”. This forces your tight muscles in these areas to work even harder and it causes a sort of “vicious cycle” and transfers from one area to the other. The nerve endings that are located in these areas are very susceptible to motion. As a result, when they do not experience any motion or feel too much motion, it forces them to react in a way that causes stiff neck pain and local muscle imbalance.

We know that there are many reasons that might cause a person to begin developing Upper Crossed Syndrome. A few of the more common are sitting for long hours with poor posture or spending a lot of time on the computer or phone. If done for an extended period of time, it could cause a requirement for professional assistance to break free of the habit.

At OC Ultimate Wellness, our goal is to ensure that we provide the necessary treatment to rid the patient of this pain. In order to reverse the cycle of Upper Crossed Syndrome, we customize a unique therapy plan to ensure we start to reverse the cycle as soon as possible. The typical plan includes stretching that is targeted and utilize the appropriate trigger point techniques and manipulation. In addition, we also include acupuncture, natural muscle relaxants and a topical pain reliever, if necessary.

Our individual customized therapy plan also includes training your body by teaching you to utilize your core muscles more often to relax your neck. This will assist you in the modification of your position that caused this to occur and automatically relax your neck to effectively manage your Upper Crossed Syndrome for the long term.

As we utilize this treatment plan, most of our patients have significant improvements in their first few visits. We ensure that we work with each patient individually and at their pace to ensure that we have success and help them achieve their goals. Please call us anytime to schedule an appointment at 714-891-7870. We look forward to making you more comfortable and relieving your neck pain.