What is a Muscle Spasm and why do they happen?

What is a Muscle Spasm and why do they happen?


We have all had the experience of that wrenching pain in your back when you reach for something or bend over. The pain hurts so bad that you can barely move. This can, and usually does, occur when you are doing a normal and simple action like reaching for something in your kitchen cupboard or bedroom closet. So, how does this injury happen when you are doing an activity that you might do every day?

Well, the correct answer is, it actually didn’t. The situation occurs when you already have a muscle that is strained or has been overextended prior to this occurrence. The body causes that muscle to become stiff or rigid to protect it from any additional damage to the area. We see many patients in our office that have just made one movement , even while sitting in front of their computer, that caused a spasm in a particular area of their body.

The medical explanation of what actually is occurring is that all of the muscle fibers in this area contract at the same time, causing the cut off of blood flow that causes the muscle to contract further and the result is an extreme and immediate elevation of pain.

At OC Ultimate Wellness, we have our patients primarily rest in order to help the healing process that could extend for several weeks. While we understand this can very difficult for many people to do in today’s busy world. We also require that plenty of ice and heat are applied to the injured area throughout the day. We include massage therapy as an additional treatment to assist in pain relief. The intake of additional calcium, magnesium and water has also been proven to provide faster healing.

We also encourage our patients to include a regular, customized program of chiropractic care and adjustments in their therapy regiment to ensure that future occurrences like this are prevented. Call today (714) 891-7870 to make an initial appointment with our team!